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Success Stories

The greatest joys I get from coaching is the opportunities to help them succeed and celebrate their successes with them. The bonus is, they feel the same way. Here are just a few client success stories. 

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Miche R.

When I heard Wendy talk about Crusader's Networking I immediately got what she did. She gets on a level what few I've experienced do, networking as we know it is a lost game, one that people have played for years. To me listening to her is as if she hopped on a stage and is holding a banner that says, "Stop the Networking Madness!"


Joshua J.

Wendy helped me expand the curiosity and thirst I have for knowledge into professional relationships that may not directly affect me yet. It's easier to find common ground with more people than ever before and the relationships are pleasant.


Rachel O.

I met Wendy by chance. And I’m forever grateful that I did. Since working with Wendy, I can spot opportunities to share my business with ease and confidence.

or  As a new business owner, and a new entrepreneur, I didn’t know the importance of being connected. Since working with Wendy, I can spot opportunities to share my business with ease and confidence.


Matt M. 

Wendy has been a huge part of my success...After I started coaching with Wendy...I started noticing a huge shift in the amount of leads I was getting.


Rami P.

Before working with her, my networking activities were more impromptu style and the results matched my efforts; only sometimes effective. Now, with a deliberate plan in place, I spend less time but the time I do spend is spent optimally, and the results are bigger and better. Wendy is that excellent coach. I strongly recommend! Especially if networking is a major piece of your overall growth strategy. 



Christie H.

She helped me turn the art of networking into a skill that fits my personality, making connecting comfortable, fun, and effective. and/or: I highly recommend Wendy if you are looking to learn how to create a genuine connection that turns into legacy clients.


John F.

I realized what a tremendous asset Wendy can be to a small business such as mine....Wendy ran me through not only the "Why" of networking but also the "How" of networking and what benefits can be derived from it in my business.

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