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Effective connecting is the goal of many professionals. As a coach, I welcome the opportunity to share this knowledge, my skill and my passion with others. Learn more about this emerging coaching speciality and gain inspiration from my past podcasts interviews.

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Diversify Your Networking Style - Time To Shine Today

On Time To Shine Today podcast with Scott Ferguson Wendy teaches others the importance of diversifying their networking styles and how to create a large network of people to help you achieve your goals long term and beyond. 

The Accidental Entrepreneur 

As the old saying goes, “it’s not what you know, but who you know”. But how do you get to know those people? By networking! Networking is the open exchange of knowledge while connecting with others.  

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Women's Success Summit

Empowering women entrepreneurs to grow their business in record time. This International Women's Success Summit, a week long event held in May of 2021. Speakers from all around the world shared their knowledge and expertise.

Wendy Caverly talked about the importance of diversifying 'networking' techniques and some simple, key tips to having an effective conversation to create future opportunities

Power Your Life

Networking as an artform. The necessity in finding success in life, both your professional and personal life is found by first knowing the importance of sincere connection. And then mastering the skills to create those connections.

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Business Radio X: Coach the Coach

Networking as a stand alone skill separate from selling and marketing Introducing the Networking Landscapes, farming, hunting, fishing, and foraging. Transforming a neglected but needed activity into a confident skill set that will soon feel like an art form.

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