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2022 Collaboration Webinar Series

I committed this year to offering a webinar with an outstanding expert in a different profession or industry every month in 2022. 


Why? I know the skill of networking, i.e. creating sincere connection, is so customizable, so relevant, it applies to any professional or industry. This series is designed to reflect that fact while highlighting the value of an extended network outside your skill set. 

Below is a list of the past and future collaborations between me, Wendy C Caverly of Crusaders Networking, and a list of who's who in professions such as sales, communication, social media, customer loyalty, executive recruitment, leadership and more!


Explore the calendar, find a topic for you, and sign up today! 

(All webinars are recorded and will be made available afterward to rent. All 2022 webinars will be available for download as a package in 2023.)

Events to Lookout For

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